VidMag TV on the Radio is my new monthly podcast. We publish all local Northeast Ohio music from the 1970s through today from Akron, Cleveland, Kent and Youngstown. There is a new podcast every month.

We are always looking for new music from local artists to feature in our podcasts so please contact me if you would like your band featured.

Here is the  Episode 1 podcast. This episode features music from The Deadbeat Poets, Defnics, Easter Monkeys, Urban Mutants, Death on a Stick and Les Raving Sounds

Here is the Episode 2 podcast. It features The Deadbeat Poets (Youngstown), Cheetah Chrome Casualties (Cleveland), Hammer Damage (Akron), F-Models (Kent), Floydband (Cleveland), Easter Monkeys (Cleveland), Idiot Savants (Akron), Chi Pig (Akron) and Radio Alarm Clocks (Cleveland).


Here is the Episode 3 podcast. It features Hostile Omish (Cleveland), indian rope burn (Akron), Hammer Damage (Akron), Broncs (Cleveland), X__X (Cleveland), Lazy Ass Destroyer (Cleveland), Lurid (Cleveland), The Infidels (Youngstown), Idiot Savants (Akron), Floydband (Cleveland), New Salem Witch Hunters (Cleveland) and The Guns (Cleveland).


Here is the Episode 4 podcast. It features The Bizarros (Akron), Agitated (Akron), The Revelers (Cleveland), The Dilettantes (Cleveland), The Infidels (Youngstown), Cleveland Steamers (Cleveland), Death on a Stick (Cleveland), Ralph Carney (Akron) & David Thomas (Cleveland), Starvation Army (Cleveland) and The Monitors (Cleveland).


Somehow Episode 5 got messed up so I don’t have it to post but here is Episode 6 featuring an all-Cleveland lineup of Public Display of Infection, Craig Bell, Derek DePrator, Floydband, Jazz Destroyers (X__X), The Robert Bensick Band, 45 Spider, Archie and the Bunkers with The Cleveland Steamers and Darling Waste.


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