VidMag-TV Episodes

Hello and welcome to VidMag-TV.  Here is where you will find episodes of our show that aired from 1986 to 1983 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Here is the 19th episode that aired in February 1991, featuring a funk and industrial soundtrack. We didn’t do any interviews in this particular episode but we did feature another great short-lived local band, Golgotha, from a show they did. Please enjoy VidMag-TV. You can find more great material at VidMag-TV on YouTube.

I hope you like what you see. Please consider leaving a comment and subscribe so you never miss the next great show.

Here is the television spot for Episode 33, the Jethro Tull episode. We got unprecedented access to leader Ian Anderson for an extended interview and video presentation on 21 November 1991. We were given permission to film the performance of ‘Like A Tall Thin Girl’ from the ‘Catfish Rising’ album that this tour was supporting.

In January 1992 we aired this episode of VidMag-TV featuring the full interview, videos and the live performance we filmed of ‘Tall Thin Girl.’ I hope you enjoy this special edition of VidMag-TV.


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